Thursday 20 October 2022

My Day With Anorexia

By Mike Parker | Date 20th of October 2022

One day to my amazement, a psychiatrist told me she thought I might be anorexic, extremely thin and refusing to stay at a healthy weight, but was not going to institutionalise me because I showed a commitment to gaining weight.  I was amazed because I went to see the psychiatrist about being depressed!  I rebelled greatly against the suggestion I had an eating disorder (ED) because it made no sense to me.  ED are what girls have right? How wrong I was! ED can affect anyone and usually starts in adolescence.  For years, I carried on without recognising the signs and even put on a lot of weight because others would insist that I eat something.  Once I got away from these people, I went back to my old ways and started to feel better.  Yes, that is right, I feel better when I am either starving myself or underweight.