Ana's Prayer


Beloved Ana,

I come before you tonight to beg your acceptance and forgiveness for my wretchedness, and to ask you to accept me with the understanding that I want to be yours wholly and entirely.

My Ana, I need your strength when temptation comes my way, your love when my bones begin to protrude and my heart fails at the profound emptiness I feel. 

Ana, I need your grace as I walk through this lonely life, forgive me when I falter and protect me from my own destructive desires when starving just isn’t enough to ease the pain, all I really want is for you to love me as I love you each day. Watch over me Ana when others try to tear you down or persecute me for your name’s sake. You alone are all I need, and you alone fill me. I love you Ana and I give you my heart, my devotion, my life.