Friday 5 April 2024

When faced with disaster, fight back!

By M Parker

Last night I found a bag of dates. I ate a lot of them, resulting in me gaining weight this morning. Fortunately, the weight gain was only 300 g; however, this has affected my daily intake I require to reach my ultimate goal weight (ugw) by summer. See figure 1.

New intake calculation from Pigly.

Figure 1, New calculation gives 720 calories a day.

My options

  • I stick to the new calories count
  • I reduce the calories even more in order to catch up
  • I exercise a lot more to burn extra calories
  • I do a combination of reducing calories and working out.

The last option sounds like the best.  If I reduce the calories too much, I run the risk of starting a binge cycle.  Doing a lot more exercise is likely to create excessive hunger, which I then have to deal with. With this in mind, a small reduction in calories and a little extra exercise sounds like the best way to go.

Risk Assessments

Risk of overeating.  The problem here is feeling hungry, so I can use:

  • Vinegar trick, sipping a small amount of vinegar to take away hunger.
  • Ground cinnamon trick, to take away hunger.
  • Ground ginger trick, to take away the hunger.
  • Distraction by doing housework, which will also burn calories.

For now, I think that sticking with 2mad is best, along with the revised plan of limiting calories to 700 a day and extra exercise to burn an extra 100 calories at least. 



I screwed up, but I can still rescue the plan. Burn 100 extra calories a day and reduce intake by 100 calories a day in conjunction with the revised risk assessments should get me back on track. Once, I am back on track, I can increase the calories back up to <800 per day and drop the extra exercise.